16 Times Travis Pastrana Proved He Had 199 Lives


Undoubtedly, Travis Pastrana is one of the most fearless athletes in action sports history. He’s absolutely limitless in what he can achieve, and 99 times out of 100 the stunts he pulls are death-defying and look nearly impossible.

There’s probably no bone in his body that hasn’t been broken (twice), and he continues to raise the bar for what it means to be an elite action sports athlete.

Here’s a list of some memorable moments throughout his career that has stapled him into the conversation as one of the most dominant athletes alive.

Just A Kid

When Travis Pastrana was 15, he conquered the Moto X Freestyle at the X Games, foreshadowing just how illustrious his career would become.

He had already won the motocross freestyle world championships at 14 years old, so he was already well on his way to becoming an icon.

The “Double Back Flip”

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His iconic double back flip at the X-Games still stands as one of the most memorable moments in action sports history.

The flip had never been successfully done in a competition, which basically means that Pastrana was going to be the first one to do it. And he was. Obviously.


One More For Good Luck…

He followed his 2006 double back flip with another X Games Freestyle gold after doing the double again.

This time he risked his life unnecessarily because he already had the gold medal in the bag, yet he still pulled it out. Do it for the fans, I guess.

Rally Car King

Beating legendary rally car racer Colin Mcrae is no small feat, and during the 2006 X Games, Pastrana pulled out one of the biggest upsets in action sports to date.

Pastrana put down the run of his life and put the pressure on Mcrae to put a solid time together in his final run. On the final jump of the course, Mcrae rolled his car, handing a surprised Pastrana his first Rally Car gold.