Looking At The Oldest Active Players On Every AFC Roster


Players coming out of college are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. Moreover, the rookie pay scale puts a cap on their earning capacity, making them the best bang for every team’s buck. As a result, teams are favoring younger players over veterans who, as the theory goes, command higher salaries despite being passed their prime. That said, there are several graybeards out there proving age is just a number. Check out this of the oldest players in the AFC who are still having an impact. Click here to see the oldest players in the NFC. Sidenote: Kickers and punters were excluded.

New England Patriots: Tom Brady (Age 40)

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Brady was drafted in 2000 and has just completed his 18th season in NFL, one in which he won his fifth Super Bowl of his career. Tom Terrific is known for being a bit of a health nut. He puts a lot of work into staying in shape, including a strict diet that consists of 80 percent vegetables.

Denver Broncos: Aqib Talib (Age 31)

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Talib is the second oldest player on the team — the oldest being offensive guard Allen Barbre — but he’s the oldest player who actually sees the field. On the wrong side of 30, Talib has yet to show signs of slowing down. Last season he was one of the best cover corners in the NFL.


Oakland Raiders: Reggie Nelson (Age 33)


The Raiders signed Reggie Nelson in 2016 in an attempt to add veteran depth to their young defensive core. Nelson was coming off one of the best seasons of his career when the Raiders signed him and, despite his age, was able to recreate that success, resulting in his second consecutive Pro Bowl appearance.

Houston Texans: Johnathan Joseph (Age 33)

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Continuing with our look at veteran defensive backs, Johnathan Joseph was solid in 2016. The Texans were hit with the injury bug when they lost their first-round cornerback Kevin Johnson and Joseph stepped up big in the 13 games he started for them.