The Different Types Of NFL Players Who Are “The Guy” On Their Team


In the harsh business that is the NFL, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy refuted the idea that some players on the 90-man training camp roster aren’t NFL players. He broke down players into three categories: good players, good players who have great moments, and great players.

Considering he’s never played in the NFL, he’s got a valid point. No one should be “the guy” on their team — it’s too much arrogance. With McCarthy’s classified categories, here are the players who would fit under his categories — we included a fourth category, great leaders in football.

Ray The Influence

Instagram / @raylewis._

When Ray Lewis talks, you listen, no questions asked. He’s a Super Bowl MVP, a seven-time All-Pro, and he’s been to 13 Pro Bowls. This guy knows what he is talking about. Along with his on-field talent of demoralizing offensive players, Lewis will most certainly be wearing a gold jacket in Canton sooner than you think.

Captain Brian

Facebook / OfficialBrianUrlacher

An inspirational leader for the Bears, Brian Urlacher is the type of the leader you wouldn’t want to let down. The future Hall of Fame linebacker has played with a great deal of passion on the football field. He also had a dramatic impact on the Bears defense, who dominated for years under his presence.


Big Ben The Iron Man

Instagram / @nfl_cfb_reid

On the football field, Big Ben is an example of what it means to be a leader. He’s considered to be one of the toughest players who will not let any injury take him down, and the Steelers are getting younger around him. Basically, he’ll go through hell on Earth just to get the victory for his team.

The God Of New Orleans

Instagram / @drew.goat.brees

Drew Brees dragged the Saints out of the fiery pits hell and transformed them into a Super Bowl winning franchise. He chose a city who suffered from Hurricane Katrina over the beaches in California, and when you factor in how successful the Saints have been under Brees’ guidance, he’s a true leader every way imaginable.